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!! ACP 2012 !! ~Auckland Cosplay Picnic~

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Re: !! ACP 2012 !! ~Auckland Cosplay Picnic~
Post By Duckeh. 24/10/12, 12:54 pm

@Tatsuhime - You could always organise a meet-up in the North Island Cosplayers section on this board? C:

@Hiroshi09 - Of course you can join! Anyone can join. <: There will be an announcement if this goes ahead a bit later in the year with the location, date & etc.

I'm going to lock this topic for now, but if you have any questions feel free to PM me. C: It's just so this old thread stops popping back up to current day stuff!

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!! ACP 2012 !! ~Auckland Cosplay Picnic~ - Page 5 Vide
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!! ACP 2012 !! ~Auckland Cosplay Picnic~

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