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Hi there! This forum has now moved over to Facebook. You can find us by searching for 'Cosplay New Zealand', or going to

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The Christchurch Cosplay Club! (Updated! 2011)

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The Christchurch Cosplay Club! (Updated! 2011)
Post By Auroa. 13/08/09, 05:31 pm

Welcome to the Christchurch Cosplay Club!

The Christchurch Cosplay Club! (Updated! 2011) Cathed10

The above drawing is made by s-in-c, created at meeting zero, from club members ideas for a mascot. This, is the Cathedral cosplaying.

What is the club: We are the Christchurch Cosplayers! A Club for teenagers to young adults. We organise one event each month - discussed in the CCC Events sub-forum. We play games, run competitions, contests and most of all have fun!
What you need to know: The main thing, have fun! Cosplay is never compulsory! Also, obey the rules =3
Club Leaders: The ones who organise and monitor club events are... Riven_, LintuwolfWiing and Mandie_Chan. (Auroa had to step down in early 2010 due to her new career.)

Due to the Earthquake the Club is on hiatus, stay safe guys!

No alcohol and/or drugs at any meetup.
Do not make comments that are rude, hurtful, or designed to start an argument, including comments on cosplayers, their costumes or their props.
Drama outside the forums and club - stays outside the forums and club.
Do not hurt, or willfully break someones costume and/or props.

Failure to obey these rules will lead to a warning and/or ban.

Clubs Stuff:

Club Email:
Club Youtube:
Deviant Art:
Live Journal:

Club History:
It all begin in 2007 after Christchurch first Armageddon, there were only about 15 cosplayers in the first Chch cosplay contest and most of them were from Dunedin with the remanding already part of a anime club. Pyro, Ham (Auroa's bro), Bambi and Auroa wanted to make a cosplay club, however we couldn't find any contacts of other Chch cosplayers. At this stage, there was no CNZ, or threads about NZcosplay on, until Wellington Armageddon and later on in the year Auckland Armageddon. A thread was then created for
Christchurch Armageddon '08, and many more Chch cosplayers appeared (YAY INTERNET=D). In there LintuwolfWiing said himself and his friends were wondering if we could start a Cosplay Club. At around the same time Auroa and Seraphik (who lives in Dunedin) were trying to organise a South Island Cosplay Picnic. By that point the Auckland Cosplay Picnic forums (ACP) had been created, and we migrated over here with our own sub-forum to discuss both the picnic and the club, and that's how we got started!

Clubs Birthday/first meetup dates:
4th of May - Idea for a cosplay club in Chch thread was created in by wiing
17th of May - We organised a meetup to discuss ideas for how the club could work. (Meeting zero)
21st of May - a casual meetup at the museum
24th of May - our first proper organised event, a cosplay picnic!
From then on: Good times ^^

Club Quirks:

To be a true member of the club, you must know these two important facts:

Scatter Run:
We do the scatter run at the end of each meetup. Basically everyone stands in a cirlce with one hand stretched forward, we count down "3, 2, 1," then yell "scatter!" and run in different directions. (This was formed at meeting zero.)

Present Game:
On some occasions we will play the "present game" ... everyone brings a wrapped present and places it in the middle of the circle. The first
person goes up, takes a present, opens it. The second person can choose to either take the first persons present, or open a new one. If they
take a new one, they open it, and its the next persons turn. If however they decided to take the first persons present, the first person must
give it to them and then take a new present. Then its the third persons turn etc. The quirk here, is that at the very first present game the club held,
someone bought a coconut... it was passed around quite a bit till it found its new owner. Then months later, at the second present game, the owner of said coconut had kept it and bought it to the game, where it found a new owner. In other words, a coconut (not the same one as it'll be old and yuck LOL) must always be bought back in the same bag by the person who won it last. Just cause its tradition now. =P
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The Christchurch Cosplay Club! (Updated! 2011) Vide
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The Christchurch Cosplay Club! (Updated! 2011)

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