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Post By tobi-is-a-good-boy. 12/04/09, 12:26 pm

this is a book i started to write ill put one chapter in and if anyone wants to read more ill show the rest of what i have i may even write more who knows?!

by me


I cried, letting the tears rush down my face like a torrent unleashed, and on onto the colourless grey concrete stretching beneath me. Blood streamed down my leg. I didn't dare look, for fear of what I might see.
Another loud harsh sob escaped me, as I reached up to touch my head. I screamed. The pain was too much. I brought my hand down to find sticky red blood clinging to the ends of my fingertips. Catching my breath, I stopped. The blood seemed alive on my hand, crimson and….inviting.
Slowly, as if by instinct I licked the end of my fingers, testing it. Its salty flavour surprised me almost as much as my sudden desire for more, I spat it out almost immediately, disgusted by my love of blood. I gagged.

Shuddering at the thought of it. I sat for a bit, remembering the rumours about vampires. I reached out a finger and gingerly felt my teeth, they were pointed, I could see at lot better and hear better too. My senses were so much sharper.and my wounds were already healed…..Grrrwl
My stomach growled. Damn.. I was hungry, my ears picked up on a sound far away someone… whistling? Then I smelt it, the urge overcame me and I ran... It didn't take me long to reach it I was faster than normal, much faster, when I got there the blood was from Luke, he had cut his finger on the mail.
The stupid git! I cursed. Anger was flowing through me at what I had become. The smell of blood overwhelmed me I couldn't stop myself. I ran up to him and sunk my newly found fangs into his soft tender flesh. And then I drank.

The worst part was that before I lunged at him to feast, he smiled at me... that smile. The smile he used to say he loved me, those handsome eyes gentle and glowing in love. And as I ran to him he held out his arms, he didn't run, because he didn't notice the change.
He just smiled at me, and after, after I killed him, he still smiled. Though his eyes were glazed and blank, unseeing. It was so fast that his face had frozen in place, preserved forever.

I moaned as I leaned over Lukes dead body, trying to spit out the blood, but it was too late. I knew that, I held on to him as tight as I could, and cried for what seemed an eternity. The pain was overwhelming, the extent of the hurt was unknowable... I cried, the tears cascading down my face. All i had ever loved was gone. Slowly i reached out a shaking hand, closing those handsome eyes. I couldn't bare to see him looking at me. Not like that. I planted a gentle kiss on Lukes lips, and stood. And i left. I left my home, my life, not that I had one anymore. I was practically dead. it didn't matter though, everything seemed worthless now. I broke into a run, not caring where I went.

I don't know how long I ran, I lost track of time, I lost track of where I was, who I was; everything... I only stopped to eat a few tasty bites on the way. Some times it was almost fun seeing the shock horror on their frightened little faces. Hah! It was almost pathetic....

I tried not to stay in one place for more than a few hours at a time, I detached myself from the world, not wanting to have anything to do with it, hating my very existence.
I was a monster. I actually killed people on a daily basis with no remorse! Just longing... and triumph.. Sometimes I got so depressed by that fact, that I tried to kill myself. I jumped off cliffs and ran into walls at tremendous speeds. And it never worked. I usually just ran right though the wall and as for cliff jumping I just landed feet- first unharmed. Then if people were around I would have to kill them, which only disturbed me more. It would haunt me in my dreams, all the things I had done, that was when I had a chance to dream, lying down on the rough dirt almost too afraid to sleep, but to tired not to, I slowly drifted off praying it wouldn't be so bad tonight

I was standing in a village surrounded by my "victims" I was powerless, I just stood there I couldn't move my feet were stuck to the ground, they ran at me, grabbed me pulling out my hair ripping off my clothes scratching me, cutting into me then cutting into others fighting over me, As soon as I smelt the blood things changed, I was suddenly filled with desire I had to eat, the want surged though me, I reached out, grabbed the closest person stabbed my fangs into the soft fleshy neck, then I dank. Being filled up on the first ones blood, I turned to the other villagers and unleashed myself on them. I hunted every last one down not satisfied in till I was filled, and all the time I was laughing, laughing at their horrified expressions and their terrified screams.

Even when I had finished off the last of them I was still hungry I searched for more. And then there he was, smiling, arms open wide. And he walked towards me, I tried to fight him off. His blood smelled so good. He grabbed my face roughly, leaned in and kissed me gently, so gently. We deepened the kiss, and i felt as if nothing could have been better, everything was so perfect I didn't want it to end. We broke apart. And suddenly he shoved his neck into my mouth and I bit.

I woke up, crying, tears overwhelming and I let them fall. My dark brown hair covered my face as I cried, sobbing with pain and regret. I lift my head and scream into the night, the wind catching my cries and sending them across the land. I slowly got up, with no sense of who I was or what I was doing. All of this seemed so surreal. Like a dream I cannot wake up from, a nightmare that does not end. I walked onwards, dark brown hair flying upwards in the crisp wind, I look down into a puddle of water, cold harsh brown eyes penetrated the curtain of hair, blazing with anguish. But they were blood-shot, my face glowed in exhaustion. My t-shirt was torn and blood-stained, my black skinny jeans almost completely covered in blood. I was disgusted at who I had become. I lifted a hand to take the hair out of my face, and I stare down at the face looking back at me. But the image I saw was Luke. I saw him in the puddle with that everlasting smile planted on his perfect face, the angel of my dreams

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