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Trash to Fashion

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Trash to Fashion
Post By neimhaille. 12/04/09, 10:19 am

Hey all. I am helping out with Trash to Fashion this year (doing a series of workshops and that :) ) so thought I'd post details here. It is run through the schools, so you may have heard about it already:

These are the categories for anyone who might be interested in exploring wearable art :)
Quote :
Plastic Bag Palace (Plastic Bag

Think of an outstanding or royal
occasion - weddings, Hollywood,
royalty, the heavens....think of
characters larger than life in
the glitz and glamour of a
palace. Think Angels, Kings,
Queens, a bridal party or
Superstars on the runway.

So many bags, so little time!
Plastic shopping bags came have
been around since the 1950s and
are now a big problem for our
planet. It can take up to 1000
years for a bag to degrade. They
end up in trees, clogging sewers
and choking marine wildlife.
Many people around the world are
working to find better
alternatives to plastic bags,
but there are still a lot of
them around - so let's create a
vision for an eco-friendly
future and lead the way by
recycling our bags into
What to use:

  • This is the only
    category in
    which you can use plastic
    shopping bags as the main
    material. Think about different
    ways to use them - they can be
    woven, layered, and even fused

Green Dreams (organic category)

All living things bring balance
to our world, and in this
category we would like you to
create garments which are
inspired by fairytales, myths or
legends. Think about stories
from close to home, or afar. You
may choose to create a
character, or represent an
element from the natural world.
Think sprites, fairies, gods and
mythological creatures.

What to use:

  • You can only use materials that
    were created by nature and have
    kept their original quality. You
    can use linen, cotton, silk,
    harakeke, fallen plant material,
    shells, wood - anything that has
    come from the earth that will
    return to the earth, as a
    natural process of decay.


  • Plastic, plastic derivatives,

Junkyard Superheroes (inorganic

Eco Warriors unite - you are
here to save the planet! We want
you to reuse and recycle the
things that might usually go
into the inorganic collection,
and the crazier the better.
Think about things like - old
tyres, bits from computers,
wires, plugs, metal, wheels. How
can you transform them into
completely new creations with
the energy to change the world?
Think superheroes their use of
clothing and the way they move.
Discover their eco special
powers and what they might be!
What to use:

  • You can use anything you can
    find that has another life as a
    human-made product. The only
    condition is that you cannot use
    plastic shopping bags at all!


  • Plastic shopping bags!

Cutting Edge (fashion category)

Inside out, upside down,
deconstructed, reconstructed -
the most eco chic way to be
fashionable is to recycle old
clothes. Not only does this save
on the amount of trash we
generate and the amount of
clothing we demand to be
produced, but it is also an
amazingly creative way to
express ourselves and our

We want you to breathe CREATIVE
new life into an existing
garment with a little wardrobe
surgery. The finished item
should be wearable, durable and
fashionable, with an eye on the
Think high fashion, couture and
artistic interest (shape,
texture, and colour).
What to use:

  • An existing piece
    (or several items) of clothing.
    You will need to take a photo of
    the original garment(s) before
    you begin to remodel. These
    photos must accompany the
    Garment Entry Form.

Colour your World

This category is a celebration
of the beauty and colour of this
planet, from the green of this
country to the aquamarine of the
Pacific Ocean.

We would like your garments to
explode with colour and
movement, for the biggest global
party Trash to Fashion(r) has
ever seen!

Use one colour only, or stick to
two. Or go mad and use them all!
Think big, bold and imaginative,
larger than life and leading the
way into a bright new future.
Wow us with your ideas for
recycling the wildest things you
can think of!
What to use:

  • Anything - except
    plastic bags!

Junk to Jewels

Adornments and accessories

Head High

Hats and headgear
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Trash to Fashion Vide
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Trash to Fashion

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