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10 days [NaruHina]

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10 days [NaruHina]
Post By Guest. 20/03/09, 11:26 am

So I thought I could share this to you NarutoxHinata lovers out there xD
Yesh, I know I has posted this on fanfiction already. But who cares? Its the same purpose, entertainment Very Happy

Third Person POV

“DAMNIT!” Naruto punched the wall infront of him. Resting his forehead on the wall, he stared at the raindrops tapping gently on the ground from the sky. Slowly, he couldn't make out which was the raindrop and which was his teardrop.

It tore his heart out when he heard those words spoken from Hinata.

I'm sorry Naruto-kun.....But we need to stop seeing eachother”
The blonde's blue eyes widen in shock. “W-what do you mean Hinata?!”
She kept her head down. “...I'm sorry Naruto-kun...But my father promised an arranged marriage from the Hyuga clan wi-”
“I DONT CARE ABOUT THAT sugar honey iced tea! WHAT ABOUT US!?” He screamed violently.
Hinata shook her head. “I'm sorry Naruto-kun.” She apologized once again. Turning around, she ran away before Naruto saw the tears that has slipped down her cheeks.

Shikamaru and Chouji laughed and joked under their umbrella while passing the crying blonde.
“Hm? Naruto? Whats wrong?” Shikamaru asks.

Naruto shook his head.

“There's obiviously something wrong, he's even crying!” Whispered Chouji.

“I'M NOT CRYING DAMMIT!” He shouted as he faced them. “I'm just...Just...TEARING!”

“....Whatever, you better find shelter before the rain- SHOOT!” Shikamaru looked down at this watch. “I needa go! Troublesome Temari's gonna scold me again!” He said while dashing through the puddles of water.

“H-hey! Shikamaru! Wait up!” Chouji said, giving Naruto a last glance. He went chasing after him.

Naruto stood there, staring emotionlessly at the rain that thundered on the ground.

Stretching and yawning at the same time. Naruto opened his eyes, he looked at the time and was surprised.

“Oi Hinata! How come you didn't wake me-”


He sighed. Then quickly got dressed.

Walking into the kitchen table, he looked for his breakfast. Normally, Hinata would wake up him early in the morning. And as soon as he got off bed, the first fresh morning's scent that would travel through his nose would be Hinata's cooking.

“Hm...” Naruto stared at the empty table.

"Good morning Naruto-kun! Would you like juice or milk?”Was what he should hear first thing in the morning when he reaches the kitchen.

Naruto walked over towards the fridge, looking through some things. He realized he needed some gorcery shopping. About to tell Hinata that. He shook his head and remembered yesterdays scene.

Going through the pantry, he found some ramen cup. Picking one, he peeled the plastic, lid, and the flavouring bags.

Waiting for the water to boil. He looked at the time, it seems like he overslept.

“Naruto, your late...” Tsunade stated.

“Sorry, granny...I overslept..” Naruto scratches his head, obviously still drowzy.

“Normally, you'd be the one first to come if it was a mission....Did something happen?”



Ino gasped. “Oh! Is it because of Hi-” She got muffled by Sakura. “Mind if I talk to you...Hokage-sama?....Privately?” The pink haired laughed nervously.

After they have gone out the office, Ino was inside apologizing to Naruto for reminding such things.

“What is it Sakura?”

“...You see, the Hyuga clan had an arrange marriage with a Fedual lord's son to maintain peace.”

“...There is such thing?”

Sakura sweatdropped. Your a Hokage, shouldn't you know? She thought.
“Well, I better cancell it then.” Tsunade started to walk back into her office. But cannot because of Sakura's pull on the arm.

“Tsunade-sama! This really can't be ordered by a Hokage...I heard from Hinata its because her grandfather has a deep relation, almost like brothers with the Fedual lord's father. They vowed saying, if they ever had a grandchild of the oppersite gender. They would make them couples. If the same, they would make them brothers or sisters.”

Tsunade sighed. “Hope Naruto's taking it alright..”

“Dont worry Tsunade-sama. Naruto's strong, he'll take it quite well..”

Er...Yea...Meanwhile inside the office...

“WHY!? WHYY INO!? WHY REMIND ME OF SUCH THINGS?! ToT” Naruto's tears poured out like a water fall while grabbing Ino's collar, shaking her.



“Oh! Look at the time! I better be going now!” Ino pushed Naruto away and ran outside quickly as possible.

“WAHH!!!” Naruto started to cry like a kid.

“Eh...Naruto?” Sakura said, opening the door. Sweatdropping a bit remembering what she said earlier to the Hokage.

“Maybe you should skip this mission.” Tsunade suggested.

Naruto's hands was rested in his pockets. Walking on the streets of Konoha, he found kicking rocks was a good way to pass time. He looked up at the sky, it was already night time. The day has gone quite fast.

While Sasuke came back from his mission. He spotted Naruto walking, depressionly. Perfect word to describe him...If that is a word.

“Oi! Dobe!” Sasuke called out.


Sasuke smirked. Greeting his old friend.

“I heard about it..” Sasuke said to the blonde who drank his Sake in one gulp.

“What about it?” Naruto said, with his face forming into a red colour because of the beverage.

“Heh, you wouldn't know how I would feel!”

“I probably would never know..” Sasuke said. Smirking a bit, yup. The great Uchiha Sasuke is still single after all these years. Rumors going around saying he wasn't interested in females. Though, it was deniable.

“Ah! Sasuke-kun!” Another one of his fangirls glomped him.

Sasuke sighed. “Get off me..."

“You look handsome as ever Sasuke-kun!” Ino said, taking a seat beside Sasuke as she giggled.

Naruto didn't bother to even greet her. All he did was gulp his Sake.

Ino looked at him, she still felt a bit gulity from this morning. “Maybe...You should go and talk to her about it..” Ino suggested





Why hasn't Naruto thought of such a simple thing? After all those depressionly thoughts, why can't he just talk to her about it? But then again, would she listen?

“....She probably wouldn't listen....” Naruto mumbled, staring at the wooden table.

“Of course she would! Only if your willing to talk to her!”

“....I'm going to talk to her now!” Naruto said, standing up. But being pulled down by Ino.

“Your half drunk! Not in this kind of state!”

“Then when!?” Naruto slightly hicced.

“Tomorrow. I'm going with her to pick a wedding dress. In that time, her father wouldn't be there.”

Naruto nodded in understoodment.


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10 days [NaruHina]

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