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Problems at Wellygeddon14?

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Problems at Wellygeddon14?
Post By Chitara. 10/06/14, 12:53 pm

I realise that having been somewhat stuck around the entrance on the Monday and not in cosplay the other days I must have missed something.
Would anyone be willing to enlighten me what the gentleman from Trinity Treasures was talking about onstage at the Cosplay Comp awards Mon afternoon? Something about uncomfortable or inappropriate occurrences at Wellygeddon?

If other would rather this not be discussed, please let me know. It's just that I've known of issues in the past (back at TSB) but I didn't see the persona I'd associated that with this year.

I don't think there should be any situations arising at an Armageddon that should make any of us uncomfortable (occasional unexpected chafing aside). We're a community. We support each other at the events even if we've never met each other before. It's wonderful, and I don't ever want NZ to lose that.

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Re: Problems at Wellygeddon14?
Post By Knoxy. 10/06/14, 02:35 pm

Apparently there were some of those 'free hugs' people creeping on some people. When I say this someone said that when they had their jacket on they walked right past her, then when she took it off one approached her and kept asking for a free hug. (read that off of Armageddon fb page) I personally had no troubles, everyone was friendly and all the people I asked let me take a photo of em
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Problems at Wellygeddon14? Vide
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Problems at Wellygeddon14?

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