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Dunedin Armageddon 2014

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Dunedin Armageddon 2014
Post By iKon. 12/01/14, 10:49 am

So .. *looks about* not a lot of chatter about the upcoming con, but thought I would get the ball rolling.

We're all looking forward to it (many hours of putting refining and playing with last years cosplay .. so this year the Return of Umbrella shall be slightly more shiny .. and will even come with candy ... as long as I remember to hit the supermarket before).

So what's everyone thinking for this year?

Would anyone be interested in an after party (or mid party I guess?) or a dinner .. or running about in circles with arms flapping like headless chocobos!

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Dunedin Armageddon 2014 Vide
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Dunedin Armageddon 2014

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