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[ACP14] Auckland Cosplay Picnic 2014!

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[ACP14] Auckland Cosplay Picnic 2014!
Post By Rolly. 02/01/14, 02:50 pm

Auckland Cosplay Picnic 2014

ACP this year will be held in the Auckland Domain at 11am on the 25th of January!
The location will be near the flowery place and around it - where ever there is shade.
Apparently there is a gazebo there and that's where the picnic spot is??

[ACP14] Auckland Cosplay Picnic 2014! 944824_376670199144077_417152657_n
A rain date will be decided.

Copy pasta from previous year's post - I have gotten permission from Tammy to make an announcement post! :)

- Make sure you bring a water bottle or something to keep you hydrated during the day. PLEASE make sure you get some fluid in you. I'm not keen to look after you if you faint. If you feel dizzy, light headed, etc - Get under the shade/cool area, sit down, breathe slowly, drink sips of water and REST. Your health is more important!

- Is your choice of cosplay for the day okay for the heat? Please no black coats, heavy drapery, etc. We're having a picnic outside, in the middle of the day, in the middle of summer under direct sun. Get the picture?

- This is a picnic. So please bring picnic supplies such as food (I advise you to PUT THEM INTO CONTAINERS AND KEEP THEM CLOSED if you are not eating.... we've been attacked by birds of all species in the past years) and picnic blankets! If you are coming with a group of friends, try and bring a chilly bin for drinks and food.

- You are welcome to bring methods of shade, last year we had the very most lovely Greg and Nessa bring a gazebo for everyone and that was really appreciated!

- Make sure you do not bring anything valuable and that you keep your phone/wallet with you on person at all times. The ACP organisers will not be responsible for your things. May be a good idea to incorporate pockets into your cosplay?

- Don't forget sunscreen! I emphasise SUNSCREEN! HEAPS of people get sunburnt every year >_< Make sure you wear some before, during and after! If possible, bring a hat as well! I'm sure you can take it off for photos and such - be sunsmart!

- Please make sure you act APPROPRIATELY during the picnic/while in costume. That means NO yaoi/yuri acts (seriously, you're in public with little kids running around) or anything similar. When you are in cosplay, you are representing the cosplay community. How you act will reflect on how the public will see the whole community. Please think about it ;3

- Cosplay is not compulsory, but it is VERY much encouraged ;D Its not really a cosplay picnic if you aren't in cosplay haha.

I don't plan to organise any games this year (like the toilet paper mummies), but if you would like to bring something for games with your friends, you are welcome to! One of the organisers are planning games! You can choose to join in or sit out/sit, eat and socialise. :)

Photos can be taken whenever! You can go off on your own for some shoots, it is pretty casual.
Feel free to come any time after 11am! You are free to go whenever as well.
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[ACP14] Auckland Cosplay Picnic 2014! Vide
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[ACP14] Auckland Cosplay Picnic 2014!

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