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[ACCP 13] MUST READ! Rules and Guidelines when attending!

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[ACCP 13] MUST READ! Rules and Guidelines when attending!
Post By Rinelle. 06/11/13, 09:44 am

(Updated 10/11/2013)

Copied from Facebook:

This is IMPORTANT if you're going to be attending the Auckland Cosplay Christmas Picnic! There's going to be a lot of us (currently 80 and counting) so please read and keep this in mind while you're at the picnic:

- PG 13 level: Be mindful that young cosplayers will be attending this picnic too! We are out in public and representing the cosplay community, we want to paint a good picture of ourselves.

- Water bottle, bring one! Weíre out in the sun and in an open park and we prefer you not to faint from dehydration. If youíre feeling hot, sit down in the shade, drink your water and rest.

- Cosplay is not compulsory but encouraged. It wouldn't be a cosplay picnic otherwise right?

- Wear appropriate cosplay for weather! The weather is getting warmer and there has been heatstroke before! Heavy clothing or black cloaks is heavily advised against. We donít want to have to cut back on games or other activities to take care of someone.

- Keep food in containers and keep them closed! Although this event is a shared food event, thereís been birds in the past that have found our food just as delicious as we have. Also have names on your containers. And if you are coming with a group of friends, bring a chilly bin to keep your drinks nice and cold too.

- Necessary Items. Bring sunscreen/umbrella and a mat/blanket to sit on. We donít need bbqíd cosplayers so lather up that sunscreen! And you want to be comfortable when you sit.

- Cosplay Acting. Being in character is encouraged but strictly no yaoi/yuri acts! PG 13 people.

- Cosplay Weapons. If you want to bring your weapon or a prop, make sure it's not metal or made completely out of wood! Foam and plastic is encouraged, something that won't cause injury to others! We do have games you can use your weapons in but we don't want anyone's head to literally roll when you swipe at them!

- Behavior. While we encourage you to have fun, be mindful of other cosplayers and act appropriately. Any inappropriate behavior either seen by an organizer or reported by a cosplayer will be warned. If our warning is repeatedly ignored, or itís intolerable behavior then you will be asked politely to leave.

- Glomping: you should have seen this being posted about on the CNZ facebook page but as a friendly reminder, ask before hugging or glomping! There has been physical injury in the past and damage to costumes/props and some cosplayers may not be comfortable with you touching them!

- Games: We will be running games from 1pm to 4pm and you are welcome to join! There are some delicious anime prizes that we have and Christmas candy too. We will ask for participants at the start of every game so if you wish to join in then awesome! Or if you just want to spectate then thatís perfectly fine too!

- Photo Taking: Feel free to go off on your own at any time to take photos

- Don't bring valuables! Keep them in the car or keep phones and wallets with you at all times! Organizers will not be responsible for missing property!

- Listen to the organizers! There are currently three of us and we will be wearing badges on lanyards to identify ourselves! Know our names: Rinelle Kung(Head Organizer), Kyle Cuevas(Assistant Organizer) and Brier Clarke(Assistant Organizer).

- Lost Property. If you find a lost property, hand it into the organizers. If youíve lost something, talk to an organizer.

- Drugs and Alcohol With the exception of prescription medicine, don't bring any. No exception for alcohol.

- Issues or reporting. If you have any issues about anything or anyone, please donít be afraid to pull an organizer aside to have a quiet talk with us.

- Questions or Suggestions: Feel free to comment or PM the head organizer.

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[ACCP 13] MUST READ! Rules and Guidelines when attending! Vide
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[ACCP 13] MUST READ! Rules and Guidelines when attending!

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