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Cosplay New Zealand
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r18ball'13 Auckland R18 Cosplay Ball

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r18ball'13 Auckland R18 Cosplay Ball
Post By Tatsuhime. 06/03/13, 12:21 pm

Auckland R18 Cosplay Ball
When: 29th of June
Time: 7.30pm until 2.00am
Where: The Winchester 24 St Benedicts Street. (Behind Symonds street)
Ticket prices: $35.00 for a single or $60.00 for a double

*Copied from event page. If you have questions please pm me on cnz or facebook.*

What to wear: Cosplay! This ball is strictly cosplay. So if you would like to wear a suit then find a character in a suit and be them ;)

Your Mission, if you choose to accept it or not:
To have an awesome time while getting to know fellow cosplayers both old and new. Enjoying good music having a few drinks.
There will be no food so it may be a good idea to get a bite beforehand or afterwards (what ever you prefer)

Drinks: $5 each (apart from cocktails) this also includes spirits and character shots.

Commonly asked questions:

What is a Cosplay Ball?
First of all let me explain what Cosplay is. Cosplay is Costume Play. In a nut shell you dress up as a favorite character from a novel, movie, anime or even a self created character. And a ball is well...a spherical object. -.- I refuse to explain that part to you. You know what I mean.

I am under 18 but I really want to come, is there a way that I can come?
Yes there is. You would have to have a parent or guardian come with you and they would have to stay with you the entire time you were there. Your parent/guardian would also have to purchase a ticket and come in cosplay. You would not be allowed to consume alcoholic beverages. No exceptions. The bar is licensed but obviously only to patrons that are of age

With a ticket purchase you will get:
1x entry into our raffle. The winner of the raffle walks away with a Awesome picture of Johnny Bosch plus autograph and two of Johnny bosch's c.d from his band Eye Shine. There is also a secret prize in the raffle that we can't announce yet but it has to do with an awesome voucher. It involves food and anime...and a maid So keep guessing.

Also included in the ticket price is subsidized drinks until we close (2am around about)
So that means that whatever you buy (barring cocktails) whether it is RTD's or Spirits (spirits people!) it is only $5!

A bad ass sound system. I had asked people what they wanted at this ball and instead of all the fancy things I thought they would spout out it was unanimous that there needed to be good sounds. So when Amy and I checked out The Winchester well you guessed it...We plugged in Le Wild Ipod and blew that thing not even half way and Omg...Dat Sound!

Included in the ticket price is also a mingling game. In this game you will be given a card. Blue if you are a male and red if you are a female (No lynching me if the colors differ on the night.)
On each card will be printed one half of a couple. So say if you have Minnie mouse you must go and find Mickey Mouse! The rules are that you are FORBIDDEN (Ominous music) from showing anyone your card. You must walk around and ask people if they are Mickey mouse. The new pair that can answer three simple questions about each other (maybe their favorite color, fave anime character and their fave food) will win a prize or a AMV dedication to them. (Want to tell me what you want to win? Pm me:3)
This games aim is to get us all talking. I know a lot of you online on CNZ but if I met you in real life I would most likely walk on by.

The ticket price also include free parking next to the premises. This is slightly hard to get in town but TA DA you have it.

We have also hired security for the event. I know all of you will behave but just in case someone tries to ignite a real Rasengan, well we can have them swiftly removed and put in a taxi at their own expense.

If there are any other questions please ask them. Also I will be meeting at the new Cafe Anisome to discuss Cosplay Ball events. If you would like to join me and Amy you are more than welcome to Just pm me. Below is the link to the event page for your convenience.


Auckland R18 Cosplay Ball

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r18ball'13 Auckland R18 Cosplay Ball Vide
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r18ball'13 Auckland R18 Cosplay Ball

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