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The Rebel & 501st Legions

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The Rebel & 501st Legions
Post By Ember. 12/12/11, 07:18 am

Hello all! :byebye:

I'm sure most of you who go to Armageddon will have seen the Star Wars costumers at our booth, but we get a lot of questions about the groups we're a part of.

So who are we and what are we all about? :think:

We are members of 2 International Star Wars costuming organisations - the Rebel Legion, and the 501st Legion.
The 501st came first, starting out as a group of people in the USA who wanted to build their own Stormtrooper armour, just over a decade ago. The popularity soon spread and numbers grew, other bad guy characters became included (Darth Vader/ Maul, Royal Guards etc). The group went international, and became established in over 40 countries as an organisation for costuming as the 'bad guys' of Star Wars.
The Rebel Legion was established soon after as a response to the 501st, catering for the 'good guys' (Princess Leia, Jedi, Padme, Han, Luke, X-Wing Pilots etc.) There are currently about 6000 501st members, and 4000 Rebel Legion members worldwide.
The 2 groups are sister-organisations, and work together on a large number of events.

Both organisations aim to have costumes that resemble what is seen on screen as close as possible, and this is reflected in our detailed costume standards. Members largely build their own costumes, and usually cover all costume expenses themselves. The groups are frequently used for promotions for SW movies/ shows/ merch and other such SW themed launches.
Although both groups have a primary interest in costuming, there is a very large focus on fund-raising and volunteer work.
We do not charge for appearances, rather we request donations be made to charities on our behalf for an appearance. Charities that we have worked with in NZ include Make-a-Wish, Variety, Starship, and Kidz First. We have participated in a number of parades and SSCP over the last couple of weeks, and some of us will be at the Auckland SSCP this week Smile

Although some may say our standards are 'strict', and can be difficult, expensive or time-consuming to meet, there's nothing like being told you look like you've stepped straight out of the screen. The overwhelmingly positive comments and responses of the public really do make all the work worth it in the end, and you get that sense of pride in having created something that replicates what is seen on screen Very Happy

I have been a member of both groups for a number of years now, and am currently the Commanding Officer (leader) of the NZ Branch of the Rebel Legion (known as the 'Naboo Outpost'), and am the Garrison Membership Liaison (applicant costume reviewer and approver) of the NZ 501st Legion Branch (known as 'Outpost 42').
Neimhaille and Anaria are also members Smile

I have learnt so many costuming-related skills from being a member. Working with different types of fabric, dyeing, sculpting, painting, weathering, insulating, and vac-forming are just some of the things I have learnt, and many people in the groups are happy to share their knowledge with others in need of help Smile

To qualify for membership for either group there are just 3 criteria that need to be met -
1 - Be of or over 18 years of age
2 - Have a Star Wars costume of quality that meets the required standards
3 - Be a fan of Star Wars!

We are always looking for new members, so I'd love to hear from anyone who has an interest in joining either group Smile
As Outpost 42's Membership Liaison it's also my job to help guide new applicants towards having accurate costumes!

(You don't necessarily need a costume to start helping us, photographers and minders are always appreciated on trooping events, and being a minder is a good way to see how we work, and what's involved in the trooping process. It's also a good way to see existing costumes in person and ask members about construction methods and tips.)

I'd also like to invite anyone with an interest in either group to join our forums which I have linked to, to find out more information about upcoming events, and member costume builds Smile
A shortcut to the Naboo Outpost's forums on the Rebel Legion website can be found HERE
While Outpost 42's forums are to be found HERE

May The Force Be With You! Very Happy
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The Rebel & 501st Legions Vide
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The Rebel & 501st Legions

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