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Hi there! This forum has now moved over to Facebook. You can find us by searching for 'Cosplay New Zealand', or going to

We'll see you there.
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Rules; UPDATE - 25-Sept-2011

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Rules; UPDATE - 25-Sept-2011
Post By Admin. 14/04/11, 05:20 pm

Forum Rules 1.3 - 1-Jan-2011

Welcome to the CNZ (Cosplay New Zealand) forums! cheers

We try to provide a friendly community here, so that all members can get along with each other. In order to achieve this goal, there are a few rules we need you, the users, to follow.

Basic Rules: (the short list)

  • 1: do not bypass the word filter
  • 2: do not post or link content of the following nature: excessive violence, obscene language, sexual references, nudity, racist, homophobic, hateful, inflammatory, defamatory, derogatory, libellous or promote the harm and/or abuse of any group or entity.. This includes signatures and avatars.
  • 3: do not make comments that are designed to start an argument or attack another member.
  • 4: do not make double posts or quote towers (max 3 quoted quotes) An exemption to this is in your sketchbook thread, so long as one is an update.
  • 5: do not post a spoiler without a spoiler tag, and without mentioning what the spoiler will contain.
  • 6: do not spam. This includes one word/emote posts, completely random or off-topic comments, and one-on-one conversations.
  • 7: do not use txt speak or ALL CAPS - please use valid easily readable english.
  • 8: do keep it PG13
  • 9: do abide by all relevant rules/guidelines appropriate to each section of the forum.

More Rules (the slightly longer list)

No off-topic posts.
The only place you can be off-topic in is in the random sub-forum. Please note the bold there - it is important, and the amount of off-topic that has been taking place elsewhere is really getting to some of our members. For example, if the thread is about bananas and you start talking about types of Swiss cheese; we will not be pleased.

No one-on-one conversations.
This is when you continuously to post in reply to another person - and ignore the other members' posts. If you feel compelled to start a one-on-one conversation, take it to our PM system, or any instant messenger. When you start these one on one conversations, it is really hard for people to intervene and post their own relevant message - and nobody really wants to go through pages of you and your friend and I'm sure you don't want people "eavesdropping" on your own personal conversation!

Double Posting & Quote Towers
Bumping a thread for legitimate reasons (ie: after a week or two), or if new pertinent information is added is generally accepted, but otherwise please just click the edit button instead. :3
Also don't create quote towers - a quote tower is a quote within a quote within a quote within a quote within a... well, you get the idea. Please try your best to keep these quote towers to a minimum - 3 is the maximum number of quotes a single quote tower should contain, and if these posts are long, then just a singular quote would be even better. Like Double Posting, Quote Towers are visual pollution, and mean more scrolling time for someone trying to get to the most recent post. :)

Spoiler Tags
Please don't post a spoiler without a spoiler tag, and without mentioning what the spoiler will contain. This just gives you an idea of whether or not you should or should not click it - spoilers are like forbidden fruit, and we are prone to clicking them. Without labelling said spoiler, someone will click it and get something... well, spoiled. At least when it is mentioned that the spoiler is from 'blah' chapter or 'blah' episode, then we know whether or not we want to click it. It's basically CYA.
Please also feel free to use spoilers for large images (in fact, this is recommended to prevent page stretching) but when the image fits well within the page limits then there is no need to use a spoilertag.
Please do not use spoiler tags 'just for fun' - again, this runs the risk of 'boy-who-cried-spoiler' syndrome. Spoiler tags should be used for spoilers and large images/text blocks - and nothing else. Furthermore, if an image in your signature is too large according to the signature rules, putting it in a spoiler tag is not acceptable; whether or not it can be hidden, it is still against the rules. These rules are here for a reason, so please respect them. :)

Proper Language
Try to type to the best of your ability - it's not too much harder to use an extra letter in some cases, such as what instead of wat, and capslocks are a sometimes food. Please don't spam your capslock key. It makes it easier on the eyes, and you will most likely get a more positive response to your query. Posts should be easily readable - and that means readable by everybody. Posts that are made in a language other than English will likely be deleted; you have been warned.

Signature Rules
    Text Signature
  • No longer then 7 lines - including blank lines.
    Image Signature
  • no bigger than 650 pixels wide and 250 pixels high.
    Text + Image Signature
  • No more than the equivalent of 300 pixels high

The reason for these signature rules is because no-one wants to scroll through masses of signature every time you post.
Note: Forumotion also has a 500 character maximum limit - including all characters in edit box for signature.

PG13 Rule
Since a number of new cosplayers tend to be quite young, the forum has a PG13 guideline. Basically anything you wouldn't want your 13 yr old little brother, sister, cousin, etc reading, you shouldn't be posting. Informative discussion on more mature subjects may be accepted subject to mod approval, but otherwise, keep it PG13!

What happens if you break the rules?
On these forums we have a three strike policy - three official warnings, and you get a temporary suspension, a fourth and you will be permanently banned. Usually though, unless you've done something REALLY bad, we give you a casual warning first, as a reminder not to do it again. ;)

Problems with Members
As the forums continue to grow an amount of friction between members is inevitable. As we'd like to keep the forums as open and friendly as possible we'd like to point out the options available to you.
If you have problems with someone on the forum, contact the mods. If it's a post, use the 'Report Post' Rules; UPDATE - 25-Sept-2011 Icon_post_report button.
If it's a PM or in the Chatbox, forward us a copy to review - PM us using the 'Madmins' usergroup.
If you just don't get along with someone, and would rather they just 'go away' you can add them to your 'Foe' list. If you add someone to your Foe list any PM's from them will be rejected, and you won't be able to see their posts.
These options are all available to you, but should you choose to retaliate on CNZ, please remember the rules apply to you too. We don't really care who started it, if you both broke the rules, you both get warnings.

Yours sincerely,
The Mod Squad
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Rules; UPDATE - 25-Sept-2011 Vide
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Re: Rules; UPDATE - 25-Sept-2011
Post By Tamoo. 23/05/11, 05:30 pm

Watch and learn.
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Rules; UPDATE - 25-Sept-2011 Vide
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Rules; UPDATE - 25-Sept-2011

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