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Wellygeddon accomodation thread

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Wellygeddon accomodation thread
Post By Riven_. 23/03/11, 03:13 pm

Looking for somewhere to stay? Need people to fill your backpackers room? Let people know here.

I'm not putting together a group to stay in a backpackers (I've got my accom sorted already) but the number of people looking for places to stay made me think we needed a thread for such a thing.

This is a thread to find people in. Let people know what nights you need to stay or see if you can find enough people to fill a hostel room.

For the really lost:
Downtown Backpackers is very close to the TSB arena, and also the train station.
Nomads Backpackers are about the same distance away, in the other direction in town.
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Wellygeddon accomodation thread Vide
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Wellygeddon accomodation thread

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