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Something missing?

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Something missing?
Post By JVCA. 22/05/10, 05:24 am

Noticed something different about the right hand side of your posts? That's right - the rep system is gone. The rep system was introduced as a way for you to support or oppose someone's viewpoint in discussions without having to make spam posts saying 'I agree' or 'I disagree'. It was supposed to be a shorthand way of expressing your opinion so that if you didn't feel like making a full post, but wanted your say then you could have your cake and eat it too. People did use it this way too - which was great!

What is less great, is the select few who have ruined it for the many. Some individuals have been using the rep system as a tool for bullying - hiding behind the mask of anonymity to down-vote every post their target makes, not for a valid reason - but out of petty spite. So we've taken the rep system down. Good job guys; you ruined it for everyone.

These people - you know who you are. And we'd like you to know that there is no place for your behaviour - and ultimately, for you - on these forums. Your actions are cowardly, petty, and sickening. This is a community that is supposed to support each other - and if you're not prepared to do that, then you're not prepared to be a member of our community then, are you?

For the vast majority of people who reside on these forums who are as fabulous as ever - we're sorry we had to take this feature away, but we do think it's for the best given that a select few don't want to take it seriously.

For the few - you suck.
For the rest - stay cool, cats. 8)

With Love,
Your Madmins
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Re: Something missing?
Post By RainbowMoonDust. 23/05/10, 08:29 am

I did notice this but only recently when I tried to thank someone. I rarely ever used that feature anyway, forgot it was there most of the time in fact, so I don't really mind either that it's gone. To be honest, I think this is a good thing. nodnod Mainly because there have been a few incidences this year of people getting upset from constant downmodding. sad It's sad that a feature which was intended to be fun has turned into a bullying tool. sad At least this will put a stop to this, good on the mods for doing this! thumbsup
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Something missing?

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