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To all the guinea pigs.. er 2010 contestants so far ;)

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To all the guinea pigs.. er 2010 contestants so far ;)
Post By neimhaille. 08/04/10, 11:30 am

Thank you for the amazing turnouts! Wow!

In most groups I've been in there is a fear of pushing and promoting excellence because it will scare people off. And I am thrilled to say every single one of you has proved that wrong! I have been blown away by what you have brought to the contest every year and this year has so far been particularly outstanding.

The open vs novice division has worked very well and, incidentally, has made judging faster. It now essentially runs as two contests and of fairly equal size. Of course I'm hoping over time this will continue as those who move into the open class leave room for yet more novices. *Galinda cheer* Yeah

I wanted to thank those too who have taken the challenge of skit times and prerecording their skits. I know everyone appreciates the skits, be they serious or funny. It adds another layer of technical skill but also helps with nerves and time on stage as well. And see, people still shouted when asked to ;)

A plea though: Pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease do not make yourself unwell or put aside school/home/job work for the contest! I realise I am wielding the Trout of Hypocrisy when I do so but I do not want angry parent letters! Please budget time wisely. A ten hour piece of work can be split over ten days or one whole day but generally not that whole day before the contest ;) Just thinking about your nerves and I know there were a few people who could not make it into the contest because of this. Which makes me sad thinking about the stress for you at that time.

There have been queries as to just how the winners thing works. The absolute fairest way for it to work is to allow the winners to enter other contests so long as they stick to the existing rules. It would also make the later contests less fun if it were ruled the winners couldn't enter for one! NZ is not so large we can have genuine regional contests.
We can then use photos of the winning entries after the Auckland contest and have all the winners on stage even if they aren't in their winning costume. So essentially everything runs as per normal just the cup is presented as an addition.
Also note the Auckland contest is not the contest for the cup. That is decided after the Auckland winner has been chosen.
Yes. Auckland is super fun in that regard!
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To all the guinea pigs.. er 2010 contestants so far ;) Vide
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To all the guinea pigs.. er 2010 contestants so far ;)

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