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Cosplay Contest update

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Cosplay Contest update
Post By neimhaille. 21/10/09, 07:29 am

Last night for registrations!
Well by email anyway ;) Is it says midday on the site they should have closed by now however that is going to make it hard for people so as usual it ends at about 8pm tonight. I will set vacation settings once I have replied to all forms so you'll get a response regardless of whether the form got through on time or not.

Seriously looking to be a great event from the entries so far :) A really nice mix of familiar and new faces, solo and group, skit and walk ons. Also nice range of characters :)

As always hand ins on Saturday with no forms provided. Printed please. but you guys already know all this ;)

We had a great if stressful time in Melbourne and I hope you all make Asham welcome (our Melbourne winner) :)
You'll need to turn your head to see some of the entries but this was the show in a quick nutshell :)

Judges awards:
Use of fur!
Elegant, simple clean clear work
Well presented skit
For extremely elegant work and very neat finishing
Great team work and nice cohesion of costume.
For making a real tutu! (I have directions I am going to put online as they are very hard to find ;) )
Best Solo
Best Group
Best skit
Best Tech
The winner!

(Will paste this in the Melbourne thread as well ;) )
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Cosplay Contest update Vide
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Cosplay Contest update

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