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Has new anime been lacking?

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Has new anime been lacking?
Post By Mr freelance. 25/11/12, 12:44 pm

It seems like the anime that has been coming from 2008-2012 has been lacking in quality. Don't get me wrong.
Some of the anime that were release during this time period were great but i feel like the industry is not trying hard enough.

When i think about the anime that had came out before 2008. It feels like they were more memorable and epic.
and yes i know epic is a over used word. What i mean by epic anime. its usually those animes that in-power such at grand emotion
scale that grabs you with its story, characters set peace's and doesn't let you go. for that is how you in-power the viewer and make your anime epic and memorable. to prove this point i will be listing anime that i find memorable and i have seen
from 1996 to 2007 we have
Tringun, Cowboy bebop, Boogiepop phantom, Lain Death note, When they cry, Berserk, Code geass, Baccano, Elfen lied,
Welcome to the NHK, black lagoon, paranoia agent, claymore, hellsing and excel sage

From 2008 and onwards that were popular during that time were
Eden of the east, Mirai nikki, durarara, soul eater, black butler, Angle beats, Fate zero, Steins;gate, madoko magica, sword art online, bakuman ,Highschool of the dead etc...
Oh there was K-ON But personally i find that K-ON is just a cash cow.

And that's one of the problem with the industry, it feels like that they are playing it safe by making moe or fan service shows, rather then try something original. But then again, we are going though a global financial crisis, so i guess that makes a bet of scenes. You and i me my not like it but what can you do?

Another problem i have is the shut down of studios such as, gonzo, genon, bandai entertainment, etc.. Now i know that this something that can't be help, but it is annoying that the amount of dubs are going down, and how it feels like there is only funimation and viz media left. Not to mention that the dubbing companies have to go up against illegal steaming and fun subs.

Now back to my original point about the anime of today. Even though some of the new shows are good, i feel like they are lacking some kind magic or charm to it. For example, Eden of the east. A short thrilling series that had a ending that was a bit disappointing. Durarara. A series that could of been the next baccano, but made the error of focusing on the wrong characters. H.OT.D. Japanese take on the zombie outbreak. But then theY thought it was best to have a show that goes like this. tits, tits panty shots, AND ZOMBIES. ( sorry if I offended you )
Now even though those series were good in there own respect. it felt like they lack punch.

But maybe i am just a anime fan that can't get over the shows of the past, and should really shut my mouth.

But its not all doom and gloom. The anime scene is starting to move in a better direction. With the help of shows such as Fate zero, Steins;gate, deadman wonderland and Mirai Nikki. I mention those series because they redefine what it means to be a anime. Steins gate. A trilling time travel series, that happens to have some of the most original characters i have seen in a while. Fate zero. A smart heart pumping shows, that has such a wide appeal, i could recommend to almost everyone. Deadman wonderland. A dark show, that made the good choice of setting the series in a prison, rather then your normal high school . Mirai Nikki. A anime version of battle royal, staring a psychopathic girl's quest to protect the boy she loves, by any means.

In conclusion. The anime scene is moving to better direction, rather then going the path of moe and fan service. but only time will tell if we reach a new dawn or the end of anime as we now it. So what do you guys and girls think?
Mr freelance
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Has new anime been lacking? Vide
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Has new anime been lacking?

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