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Auckland Registrations :)

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Auckland Registrations :)
Post By neimhaille. 26/10/11, 02:37 am

Email regos close tonight. I'll do as alwys and be available online all evening, on and off so when you get the reply that is when I have read your for.

We have only once before run into the issue of having a preview day before the main con so we will do what we did then:
Accept forms handed in on Friday as well as Saturday.

For Saturday I will need to be off site by 4pm so there is zero chance after that time to hand in- consider 3pm your actual real deadline to be able to get through the crowds to the desk. We often will pick up the forms just before show closes in case people run late with traffic etc. But I have an exhibition to set up for and have to be there.

So if you can Friday is the day to bring them in so I can read them that night and have a reasonable break. Usually Auckland gives me a good day to read all the late forms but I don't have that this time so please make it easier on my and everyone else.

Your forms do not have to be pretty. They can be in any readable format from lists like recipes to a scholarly thesis.

Just make sure the most important information about how you made it and why is in there.

RTF, Doc or PDF formats are easiest to transfer but I can cut and paste from an email form it just takes that much longer to process.

Please email your skit if possible! I know it's late but you have had more than a week- I leave things to the last minute for my own costumes so I know all about the dreaded deadline and last minute panic.

Also sorry for the lack of updates about the Melbourne winner. I still haven't sifted the bug I got over there and Ange has some other matters that are taking up a great deal of time. I will be floating on Friday but may have volunteers on site more than usual. I will need to check our volunteer list to see who will be available. Photos will hopefully be uploaded to tublr later today if I can make it out of bed.
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Auckland Registrations :) Vide
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Re: Auckland Registrations :)
Post By Duckeh. 26/10/11, 03:47 am

Moved to announcements and updates so this thread shows up in more places.

Good luck guys who are entering! <3

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Auckland Registrations :) Vide
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Auckland Registrations :)

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