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Alice in Wonderland

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Re: Alice in Wonderland
Post By Tails. 11/04/10, 11:58 am

^ I agree with your spoiler! Very awesome moment.

Oh I went & saw the movie again in 3D, pretty much no difference at all. Kind of a let down.

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Re: Alice in Wonderland
Post By Yosky. 11/04/10, 01:12 pm

EaterofCake wrote:
The dance at the end really didn't seem to do anything for me.
LOL the dance at the end

I went to see the movie with CheiraLeena, and we lol'd when he did the dance because the start looked like the 'Gee' dance by SNSD xDDD

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Re: Alice in Wonderland
Post By noodles. 14/04/10, 07:43 am

It wasn't absolutely splendiferious as everyone had hyped it up to be, but it was still pretty good. I, too, would love to float around as the white queen for a day
The costuming and setting etc were very good, but I think I was expecting something a little more unhinged, since it was Tim Burton and everything.

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Re: Alice in Wonderland
Post By Taintedkitten. 18/05/10, 11:11 am

Quote :
I do agree with you there, that it was alright and not spectacularly super fantastic, but that's usually the case with movies that you really really look forward to. It was nice to see a plotline, but I would have liked a more classic Alice - being a big time fan of the books.

I was actually glad it went off on its own path...If it had been an adaptation of the books it would've probably drove me mad and I would've been picking it to bits.

I actually really liked it. Mind, it had been advertised like an entire year beforehand. I was like....what?? Never the less I was psyched to see it and saw it the day after it came out. Probably not worth the hype for me, but still enjoyable.

Did anyone catch the Alice two part mini series on Prime recently?? I liked that a lot better.

The White Queen and her arm motions... -shudder- She just about ruined it for me. Waaayyy too OTT.

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Re: Alice in Wonderland
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Alice in Wonderland

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