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Evanescence,Paramore,Disturbed, ftw!

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Re: Evanescence,Paramore,Disturbed, ftw!
Post By Kitty of Doom. 29/11/09, 12:01 pm

I'm not really a fan of Evanescence or Paramore and I haven't heard Disturbed. They are nice enough songs, I don't cringe at them or anything, it's just that it isn't really my genre. Paramore is quite original with the songs and I enjoyed them for ages but now I'm going 'meh'. They all sound quite similar with sound right now. Evanescence has Amy Lee who has a beautiful voice but like I said it's not my genre. And they are usually quite sad which I'm trying to avoid. (60s happy music here I come!)

So that's my opinion. Not dissing them, merely stating my opinion.
Kitty of Doom
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Re: Evanescence,Paramore,Disturbed, ftw!
Post By Alatyr. 30/11/09, 04:30 am

I suppose you are correct yeah, but i just mean...
How to get this across~

Ohwell. Can't think of an explanation. But yeah, i just like the way there songs are put across but again, that's just my opinion, as this whole thread is basically about opinions.

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Evanescence,Paramore,Disturbed, ftw!

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