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[CNZcon] ~HUGE~ NZ Cosplay Weekend Event

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Would you travel for a Cosplay Weekend Get-Together?
YES! Iím going, Iím so going.
 33% [ 35 ]
 1% [ 1 ]
I'd have to get permission but I would want to.
 58% [ 62 ]
I would come for the two days but find my own place to stay
 4% [ 4 ]
Not the first time, but the second time around if it was successful.
 4% [ 4 ]
Total Votes : 106

Re: [CNZcon] ~HUGE~ NZ Cosplay Weekend Event
Post By Franky. 21/06/09, 05:33 pm

Lol well i live by myself (not with family) in Wellington and i'd be totally keen even if it meant travel but i guess the only problem for me (i have a good job so i could probs afford it) would be exam times at Uni Shocked
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[CNZcon] ~HUGE~ NZ Cosplay Weekend Event

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