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Iron Maiden Tour

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Iron Maiden Tour
Post By akasha_ishtar. 25/02/09, 12:14 pm

So did any of you guys go to Iron Maiden, weather it was Auckland, Christchurch or both???

I went to the Christchurch one and man was it mind blowing, the most incredible concert I have EVERY gone to, Bruce was so gorgeously in pitch that night, his voice has always made me dreamy but hearing it live was even better chuu~! , the band was so amazing to listen to, loved Nicko’s drum kit, so big that you cant even see him…lmao!!! The staging and backdrops were stunning, I had major love for them been ancient Egyptian style, always loved their Anubis designs, and what about that giant Eddie, he was classic, come out to the chant of “EDDIE, EDDIE, EDDIE!!!” down here, I found him cute Razz . As for Bruce and his energy, man for his age he was one very fit guy, running all over the place, jumping all over the front of house speakers, he was going for gold!!! He was also a lot of fun with the way he acted with the crowd, his jokes had most of us in tears of laughter, he really knew how to get us all going, that’s for sure. I also got to see Ed Force One land at our airport, Bruce flying it of course, that was wicked to see, got lots of photos from the landing and the show, it’s a huge memory I will never forget nyahaha .

So if ya went to the Auckland gig how was it? And if ya went to both which would you say was the better one out of the two.

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Iron Maiden Tour

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