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Kingdom of Heaven{Hopefully another movie}

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Kingdom of Heaven{Hopefully another movie}
Post By Rikashiku. 13/12/08, 05:00 pm

Just watched it, now watching "the Rock"

I liked it :). Since i was raised by Catholics(ish) and to know of the Worlds History before dying.

Although, if it was going to be a historic movie, they could have made Bailin less like a underdog and more of the vicious warrior he really was.

The battles were not to many, but atleast they gave a good reason for fighting.

The movie also portrayed the differences between the Crusaders and the Jihads.

The Crusaders(Western Europe, Catholic groups) claimed to march into the east for the sake of God and the city where the word of god first came.
Their true intentions were obviously for the Golds and Rubies and Iron found in the desert.

While the Jihad(Muslim, Arabs, Africans, Jew groups) claimed to only fight for their homeland and their loyalty to God.
The Muslims lost respect for the Crusaders after each battle. Seeing them as cowards who dont care for their beliefs.

Jerusalim has been in hundreds of wars in the past 9,000 years.

Even outdating David. and the fight still continues today in Iraq. The Westerners are fighting to increase their own income, while the defenders are fighting for their homeland to be left alone for once.

At the end of the movie, i was kinda bummbed because Bailin begins life as a blacksmith(fictional) all alone as if he never was a Noble.
But happy to see Saladin as a Righteous icon allowing the Pilgrims leave and the Jews and Arabs to return.
Even more so, it showed the English Crusaders being lead by King Richard "the Lionheart" who lead the third Crusades for God and his people(Not for Gold).

It kinda gave me the feeling that the "War of the Roses" and the "Hundred years war" should also be portrayed aswell :)
Yeah im not so hypo tonight -_-

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Kingdom of Heaven{Hopefully another movie}

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