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Con Safety, in regards to props and weaponry

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Re: Con Safety, in regards to props and weaponry
Post By creature124. 06/11/08, 11:03 pm

CMKMStephens wrote:
creature124 wrote:
[I think as long as I have some sort of cover for it, be it a sheath or a wrapping, I could probably avoid causing a panic. That being said, some people are far, far too concerned in general nowadays.

That's a worse idea considering it's easier to think it to be a real weapon if it's being concealed.

A fair point, but I disagree. In this day and age people jump to conclusions very easily, and if they see a meter of bare steel, they aren't going to think. If they see a length of wrapped steel, they should stop to notice that I'm in costume, realise it's a prop and get the physics over it. Especially if I wrap it in a decorative type fashion, so that it appears to be a costume peice.

Or not. People are stupid.
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Re: Con Safety, in regards to props and weaponry
Post By jpwise. 06/11/08, 11:50 pm

Yeah, I think what some of them do now is just notify the cops there'll be a gathering. Odds are you'll get a driveby or two, but as long as they've been notified in advance you've got a fallback if they try to do anything. Probably more appropriate for normal-ish cosplays with weapons. Fantastical cosplays with weapons on the other hand would be a bit harder to mistake for umm. the real thing?

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Con Safety, in regards to props and weaponry

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