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Kia Ora

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Kia Ora
Post By Attolia. 20/09/16, 11:07 am

Kia ora all,

I haven't really cosplayed before but, as I'm currently in the process of making a Poison Ivy outfit in preparation for some costume party or other (because there's really not enough warning before parties for me to make something I'm happy with), am interested in Cosplay, and have recently decided to attend Armageddon for the first time, that may shortly change.

I really enjoy having a project to work on with my hands so, even if I don't attend Armageddon regularly, I intend to continue making fun things to wear.

I'm happy to have the opportunity meet and get to know you.

It seems that the forum is quite quiet currently but, as I'm the second person to register in two days, this might be the beginning of an upswing :)


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Kia Ora Vide
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Kia Ora

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