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Hello everyone...

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Hello everyone...
Post By DOM Osgood. 24/06/16, 04:53 am

We've been on here for a while but have neglected to post here and make ourselves known.

I have not done many cosplays and the last one I did ages ago, I'm moving towards historical costuming so I'm not sure how much cosplaying I'm going to be doing in the future. This forum mightn't be the place for me, but probably the other two.

O and I have recently taken on new projects and are in the planning/pattern stages ATM.
I'm unsure 'bout D

Just thought we should say hello to all you wonderful people.

I've noticed that not much is happening in this forum, I would love to see it as busy as it once was. I would also love to see some events organised around Christchurch as we are located there (but also the rest of NZ).

On behalf of DOM Osgood

(DOM 3/3)

DOM Osgood

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Hello everyone... Vide
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Hello everyone...

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