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Pipe pistol (suggestion for Armageddon rules)

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Pipe pistol (suggestion for Armageddon rules)
Post By Circuit garden. 29/02/16, 05:15 am

Hi all, i'm currently working a new prop which is the pipe pistol from fall out 4.

(Not my prop but the reference i'm using)
I'm using metal tube for the barrel and scrap wood for the body. Now according to the Armageddon rules this would break them. But my issue with that is the rules currently are 'one size fits all'. The rules seem to cover mainly large weapons such as axes and swords but lump things like the pipe pistol together with say a psycho axe from borderlands. I can understand not having metal or heavy woods on weapons that can be swung but surely metal pipe on a pistol (and yes the barrel will be plugged permanently) is != using a metal saw blade on an axe.

Would using a metal pipe and wood on a pistol be acceptable at Armageddon. And surely there should be separate rules for different weapon types and sizes.

Circuit garden

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Re: Pipe pistol (suggestion for Armageddon rules)
Post By Dr S. 11/06/16, 02:05 pm

Im not really sure as their rules on this kind of thing are pretty vague so it seems like it will often come down to the discretion of the person checking if it is allowed but the best you can do it just try i guess Very Happy.

Dr S
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Pipe pistol (suggestion for Armageddon rules)

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