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French cosplayer soon in NZ :)

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French cosplayer soon in NZ :)
Post By luka. 11/02/16, 02:43 pm

Hello everyone !

My name is Naomi aka Luka. I'm 20 years old.
Actually i'm from Paris, France but i'm going to move on to NZ in april between one month to five months.
That's why i register here ! To connect with cosplayer from your country.
I'll go to Wellington ! and maybe one week in Auckland.

I started cosplay in 2014, but i don't have so many cosplay done so i'm a real beginner !
I really enjoy the process to making.
My taste for cosplay tends to be more cute design/character's one but i do like to take confidence to be able to do *badass* character. haha
I like quality over quantity so as everyone i'm trying to improve as much as i can.

what else ?

feel free to ask question !

see you

PS : if one day we are able to meet, don't mind about my -terrible- french accent !

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Re: French cosplayer soon in NZ :)
Post By Dr S. 11/06/16, 01:39 pm


This may be late but still better than never. Very Happy
Welocome to New Zealand! i hope you have had a great time since you arrived here welcome to this very inactive community haha but im sure it will reawaken eventually. Anyway how are you enjoying New Zealand and whats the best thing you have done so far?
Hopefully you will get this and see that this community isnt dead and is still growing Very Happy.

Dr S
Dr S
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French cosplayer soon in NZ :)

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