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New to cosplay but love it

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New to cosplay but love it
Post By ShadowHuntress. 29/05/15, 02:29 pm

Hello everyone!

I recently moved to NZ in June 2014. Since Armageddon is right around the corner now I've been getting really excited to try my best at cosplaying! I'm originally from Vermont (USA) and I'm a really small town girl. One of my nicknames back home is Mreow so feel free to call me that :3

I chose ShadowHuntress as my name as I am a huge fan of the Mortal Instrument Series (book) however I absolutely love Anime! I first started thinking about cosplay a few years ago and in my last year at Uni I decided to go to a Halloween party as a Cyber goth and I honestly think that I did a great job and am proud of myself. With that confidence I will be going to Wellington Armageddon this year with hopefully a few friends :3

For now what I will be cosplaying as remains a secret however I may need some pointers along the way!

I look forward to meeting you all

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Re: New to cosplay but love it
Post By thesmarterblonde. 31/05/15, 05:07 pm

Welcome! The forum isn't very active nowadays (the facebook group, is more popular) but there are still some people on here. Good luck for all your future cosplay endeavours :)


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New to cosplay but love it

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