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Cosplay Advice !HELP!

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Cosplay Advice !HELP!
Post By MaydayBaby. 04/01/15, 05:30 am

I'm new to this forum so nice to meet all of you! I am Nina from Christchurch, I go to Christchurch Geddon twice each year.

Lately I've been going to the Geddon with my boyfriend each year (last year was the Joker and Harley Quinn, and Raven and Redhood.) But this year, we decided to do something different since we've become involved in a different fandom.
We started obsessing over Game of Thrones, Cersei and Jaime are our next cosplay.
The costumes are completely sorted for both of our characters BUT we're planning to make Jaime AFTER he lost his hand. So for this we need a hand, this hand . And I'm not sure what to make it from.

These are what it needs to be able to do:
-Be taken on and off
-Be painted and moulded (when I say moulded, I'm referring to getting the details in the hand right, i.e these markings and designs.)
-Be hard and durable
-It won't be seen from the wrist upwards
-At least a little lightweight, doesn't really matter if its quite heavy
-Needs to be made from affordable stuff

My main idea would be to put his hand in a nicely fitting garden glove, wrapping bandages covered in a paper maché mix and letting that become hard. But with that I have no idea how it would be able to be taken on and off, and the moulding possibilities would be a little limited. I'll be making a tester of this shortly.

Anyone's ideas are welcome, I'm quite stumped with this!
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Cosplay Advice !HELP! Vide
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Re: Cosplay Advice !HELP!
Post By SwissAni. 12/01/15, 06:19 am

Hi there

I had a little look into it... and found out that it actually is a two piece hand.
So the lower part is linked to the top with a hinge.

I think using paper maché for the base would be enough, after that I'd suggest a light air drying clay for the details which you could apply to the base.
Something like this... not sure what brands you get in NZ:
To make sure it fits properly and still possible to be removed, I'd use the two piece idea and cutting off the lower part, getting a small hinge and a little lock on the other side so your boyfriend can take it off easily.

Hope you know what I mean.
Otherwise, I'm in ChCh till the end of march... If you need any help, I'm sure we could catch up.

I want to go to the Geddon too, but probably only sunday and without costume.
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Cosplay Advice !HELP! Vide
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Cosplay Advice !HELP!

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