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I need help with wings

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I need help with wings
Post By Dawnstorm. 03/03/12, 12:05 pm

as some of you know, I plan on cosplaying as human version of Fluttershy from the latest generation of My Little Pony, for the Wellington Armageddon this year
Now if you watch the show, she spends most of her time with her wings closed, but the only tutorials i can find for wings like the ones in the show are for open ones.
Now I'm wondering if it is worthwhile, flying blind and trying to make a set of closed wings for the costume from scratch, or going for open wings.

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Re: I need help with wings
Post By Seakittens. 03/03/12, 01:04 pm

Wouldn't you be able to use the same tutorials for the closed wings? The only difference is the shape and it's not really much of a difference. I would suggest using craft foam for them to give them a cartoony look like the show has.

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I need help with wings

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