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Thoughts on these anime movies? (Might be spoilers)

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Thoughts on these anime movies? (Might be spoilers)
Post By KeyboardGrinder. 01/11/11, 03:21 pm

Hey, I would like to know your thoughts or explinations on these movies Very Happy Would also like some movie recommendations.

Akira - Not such a fan of. Rated number one by a lot of people didn't really see much too it
My Neighbour Totoro - Awesome movie suprised at how it's also managed to amuse even adults
Princess Mononoke - Loved this one. Great story line. The aspect of demon and spirit was rather unique compared to demons and angels
The girl who lept through time - Another awesome movie. Ashame it wasn't just her that could leap through time. Hated how it was left open ended and there was no sequal >.<
The place promised in our early days - Loved this one aswell. Very good. I think i enjoyed it because I like the whole quantam physics idea of parallel worlds and related topics.
Grave of the fireflies - Extremely sad not sure how someone could make that. If i go on ill just have to create spoilers.

Seen a few more..

I plan on watching
Ghost in the shell
Neon Genesis Evangelion
Bleach movies

Happy posting Very Happy
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Re: Thoughts on these anime movies? (Might be spoilers)
Post By Caddyl. 20/11/11, 11:46 am

not entirely sure what you mean by 'explanations' of the movies, but

i haven't seen akira, the place promised in our early days, or grave of the fireflies, but i want to. honestly, i'm a bit scared of grave of the fireflies because i've heard it's bone crushingly sad and i don't really like crying so. hehe.

but i adore totoro, and the girl who leapt through time. sooooo goooood. and princess mononoke, while a bit yucky at points, is also fantastic. now i want to watch all of these movies again argh :V

have you seen all of miyazaki's movies? cause my fav. is laputa castle in the sky.

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Re: Thoughts on these anime movies? (Might be spoilers)
Post By Icarus. 20/11/11, 12:14 pm

If you guys liked TokiKake/The Girl who Leapt Through Time, Summer Wars is a major recommendation. It's done by the director but with more action in the storyline.

Here's the trailer:
(a lot more heart warming family moments than the vid makes it out to be~)
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Re: Thoughts on these anime movies? (Might be spoilers)
Post By Pura. 20/11/11, 12:37 pm

Yeah, Akira isn't that great. I watched while going "what the physics is happening?" the entire time. So I don't understand why so many people find it amazing. Plus the only chick in it looks like a guy anyway.

Miyazaki movies don't impress me too much, tbh. But I loved Naausica for some odd reason. And of course Spirited Away and Howl's Moving Castle I loved, but not a huge fan of his older movies.

Grave of the Fireflies was really sad, even though I can't remember much of what happened Razz.
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Re: Thoughts on these anime movies? (Might be spoilers)
Post By Highlander. 06/12/11, 01:45 pm

Akira is more of a philosophical piece, in that weird way the Japanese do. It was one of the first anime ever released on big screen in america, and so a major reason that amine gained an audience outside Japan.

Girl who lept though time was brilliant and sweet, and nice clean animation. The place promised in our early days was pretty sweet and sad too. Cool movie with atmosphere.

Grave of the fireflies I believe was written out of the authors childhood experience? Anyway it is pretty much a history lesson of the end of WWII from the Japanese perspective. (And so it should be horrible to watch, as all war movies should be.)

Ghost in the shell is more sci-fi action but is at heart a philosophical movie, what it truely means to be human. It is also one of the early anime to screen in American theaters and credited with starting the anime obsession in america. Would have thought this was much more understandable to average people than Akira.

GITS II is a simlar movie (being the squeal), but a bit longer, drags more, more self indulgent and lingers on the philosophical at the expense of the action. And the original lead is not present in person (won't say more because of spoilers.)
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Re: Thoughts on these anime movies? (Might be spoilers)
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Thoughts on these anime movies? (Might be spoilers)

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