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Contest history :) please help

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Re: Contest history :) please help
Post By Suixelo. 26/08/11, 12:39 pm

I won something 8D /really proud of my tiny cup
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Re: Contest history :) please help
Post By neimhaille. 11/01/12, 04:08 am

I am so sorry for not editing these in sooner sad But They will all be updated this week :)

I was just updating my personal site and so started looking around for my old sites and then old journal entries... I completely forgot that I was going to enter the Wellington 2002 contest! *This* close. Ditto to the Welly 03.

I did at least get to the Auckland ones :) Speaking of which I'm so glad so many faces and names are familiar from that time still and really hoping that those who are no longer active in the community/conventions are doing well :)

Also speaking of which Zeb has offered to share the photos she has of the first contests she was involved with so hopefully they'll soon get to be tumblrified :)
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Re: Contest history :) please help
Post By iwuvanime. 16/01/12, 04:56 am

Keysha-chan wrote:
Wellington 2007 - Best Overall.

Our group was Myself, Hana, Krista, Abby, Phillipa, Hannah and one more person (need to try and remember, as it was a long time ago!)

The seventh person was Tani :)
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Re: Contest history :) please help
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Contest history :) please help

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