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Transformers- General thread

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Transformers- General thread
Post By MajorNightside. 16/06/11, 05:48 pm

Because there is more to Transformers than the films and Episode 16 of Transformers: Prime is airing this weekend on The Hub Very Happy

So why not have a general thread for all Transformer universes?

I'm currently working my way through G1, not sure if I like Season Three so far as many of the characters I liked are no longer online/on screen. Like Prowl and Chip Chase.
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Re: Transformers- General thread
Post By Zephyr. 17/06/11, 09:28 am

G1, G2, Beast Wars, Robots in Disguise, the Unicron Trilogy and the films are epic, Animated and Beast Machines really sucked, they tried to appeal to younger audiences so much that it took away the Transformers atmosphere.

I've always grew up watching and liking Beast Wars, I'll always have a soft spot for it in my heart. I had a Waspinator toy Very Happy.

I didn't watch G1 or G2 till I watched the movie; which I thought was amazing so I decided to watch G1, in my opinion the best Transformers series.

Robots in Disguise was the first proper Transformers spinoff that I watched and the Anime vibe it gives off really appealed to me, being Asian and all.

The Unicron Trilogy; Armada was the best by far then it kinda died from there with Energon, however the series picked up with Cybertron and the graphics and animation was amazing, the story was meh but in my opinion better than Energon.

The films are self explanatory, who can hate them? They are awesome and I can't wait for The Dark of the moon. Ultra Magnus and Sentinel Prime ftw.

My favorite Transformer would probably have to be Tigatron or Rail Racer.
What are yours?


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Re: Transformers- General thread
Post By CMKMStephens. 17/06/11, 11:04 am

G1 and Beast Wars ftw. Transformers the Movie is cinematic history Very Happy G2 actually refers only to toys and comics BTW.

Animated was actually rather good, and in the end while it looked much more like a kids show, it increasingly pandered to the older generation watching it with references and throwbacks (like Weird Al getting to voice a garbage truck). I'm finding Transformers Prime on par with Animated, just for the similar designs, and similar blend of 'younger target audience, but with plenty of amusing references for older viewers'. Also strong characterisation.

As for the Unicron Trilogy, the three anime have absolutely nothing to do with each other and the 'Unicron Trilogy' thing was a rather brutal and nonsensical shoehorning to arc-weld them together somehow. In any case I found Armada had a nice premise, but immediately started sucking, Energon was pure unfiltered crap, and Galaxy Force/Cybertron was actually very good. Especially the lamp post transformer. Star of the show. Not sure why for western audiences they went and changed so many things at random, like gender changes. For some reason 6 years on I can still remember the whole theme song.

I agree that Beast Machines sucked. It was too great of a departure from Transformers. THEY DIDN'T ACTUALLY TRANSFORM.

As for the Michael Bay films, I guess I can never talk to you again Razz

Revenge of the Fallen was such a bad movie that it made explosions boring. It is almost a form of art to make a movie so poorly paced, so without sense or point, and so full of toilet humour that you actually make the action parts boring. Because you no longer care. If you want to see the ranting when fresh and other 20-somethings going nuts, see here. I said it when Revenge of the Fallen came out 'surely it can't be a bad as the first one' but unfortunately I was so wrong. So without further ado 'surely Dark of the Moon will be better than the first two'.

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Re: Transformers- General thread
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Transformers- General thread

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