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Anyone have a decent anime/manga/figurine collection?

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Anyone have a decent anime/manga/figurine collection?
Post By Des. 09/05/11, 05:53 pm

I think i should first mention that I am currently studying Visual Arts at AU, and my final project is based around japanese pop culture in the form of a commercial publication. One of the sections of this book is going to be about how anime is having an effect on New Zealand and western cultures, and i was thinking that if i could get a photo of a nice manga/anime/figurine collection, it would correspond well with the article i am to write up. If you've got craploads of anime posters on the walls as well, that would be ideal.

So if anyone in auckland thinks they have a decent looking collection and is willing to let me intrude upon your property to take some photos for this mock publication of mine, it would be really appreciated. I offer expensive treats and many thanks for your kindness.

Aside from that, there will also be a decent sized section about cosplay which I will be working on when the next Overload comes around. I hope you guys wouldn't mind if i ask for you to quickly doodle something for me on the day. It's just a rough idea i had, but i thought that maybe i could combine your drawings/notes (which should express your feelings towards cosplay) with the photographs i take on the day, it could really accentuate the festivity of cosplay.

I'm also pondering over the concept of cosplaying myself... my lecturer suggests that i get more involved with the subjects i am addressing, and so putting myself in the cosplayers shoes is about as involved as i can make it. I've never done it before and never really considered myself as someone who would engage in these dress-up activities; sooo... it does make me nervous to say the least lol. I don't know if i'll actually do it or not; it's just an idea at this stage.

But aaanyways, mainly this post is about getting photos of someone's personal anime/manga/figurine collection. Let me know if you're willing. If not, it's all good. I can understand the oddity of letting a stranger into your home, so fair enough. I had to ask in any case; if i'm not putting myself in a very involved mindset like this i'll probably fail my course.. which is completely out of the question.

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Anyone have a decent anime/manga/figurine collection?

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