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Who should he be?

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Who should he be?
Post By superjumper. 02/01/11, 10:09 am

Hey guys!
My little brother is wanting to come to ACP with me, and he doesn't have a cosplay yet.
He would have had one by now, but he's refusing to wear a wig.
Has anyone got any ideas as to who he could cosplay as, or is he ok coming without a cosplay?
He's 12 years old, skinny, kind of short, has longish brown hair and medium blue eyes.
And help is appreciated!
Worst comes to worst, he can be random background person #327, haha.

Sorry if this post is in the wrong place, i wasn't sure whether i should put it here or not.

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Re: Who should he be?
Post By Tamoo. 02/01/11, 10:36 am

This might be the more appropriate thread:
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Who should he be?

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